3 things you need to know about Instagram Stories

Buffer and Delmondo analyzed 15,000 Instagram Stories from 200 of the world’s largest brands and discovered the following!

How frequent and how large the posts should be

Although there is controversy over whether larger or more frequent publications are more effective, research has shown that it is more effective to post one to seven stories.

The rate at which users watch stories from start to finish drops by 70% after seven stories.

What time should you post?

The time you have to post is very important as it greatly affects how many and for how long they follow Instagram stories. So according to research, the best time to post is in the afternoon when most people are not working, while more specifically these hours seem to be in the morning before work, during the day during the break and after work.

How to get more reach and impressions

The answer is simple, more content! According to research, the more stories you post, the greater the reach and impressions.

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