4 tips to take off on Instagram!

Yes, I love Instagram maybe more than Facebook.

Maybe because I’m an amateur photographer or because the photos on someone’s profile give me instant and usually successful who I have to deal with.

Maybe again because photos are worth as many as 1000 words.

The image more easily attracts the eye & vision is the most intense feeling.

And if I, as a regular user, can take advantage of all the features and capabilities that Instagram gives me, imagine what brands can do.

On social media, you are given the unique opportunity to take advantage of so many possibilities that under other circumstances it would be extremely impossible with traditional forms of communication.

And because Instagram, for better or worse, is now the sister of Facebook & counts 700 million users, of which 400 million are active daily users, everyone understands that they have in their hands a powerful weapon of promotion, advertising & communication.

What are my 4 tips for getting the result you want (awareness, conversions, engagement, etc)?
Simple and clear things.

The image more easily attracts the eye & vision is the most intense feeling

1 Ads.

Don’t skimp on advertising. If you have a strategy, if you have the available budget and you don’t go blind, Instagram is a great platform to invest – especially if you have visual content.

You will have noticed the posts that come out in front of you as sponsored and ask you to do something … Shop Now, Download, Learn More …

Even I, who make such advertisements and can’t be impressed by anything easily … if I see something very beautiful and targeted, I will press to see where the call to action will lead me. Imagine a simple user. Create the right ads with the right goals, very creative and start testing.

2 Photos, photos, photos.

It doesn’t matter what you write, but how you write it. And especially what you show. Instagram is the ultimate image platform. You can’t be mediocre. You have to be great. Few will read what you write, but everyone will see what you have to show. Make sure it is not of poor quality.

3 Hashtags, Location & tags.

They may sound indifferent or unnecessary, but believe me, they are not. Take your personal profile as an example. By uploading a photo, putting various hashtags that represent what you are showing, adding the location & tagging friends or whatever else you want, automatically promotes your photo in so many places that every user in the world can accidentally fall on it if it does the corresponding search. Take an example from yourself … if you do a hashtag search in the word “Paris” you will see the top and most recent photos of all the users who put this particular hashtag in their photo. In short, the more data & details you put in, the easier it is to detect your posts. Not bad if you want to do proper digital marketing 🙂

4 Research & study of competitors and good practices.

If you don’t do WOW yourself with your posts, don’t expect others to do it. There are many brands that do a very good job and have caught the pulse of Instagram and its capabilities. It’s no coincidence that they have so many followers, nor is it a coincidence that some have Instagram as their primary platform. Study your competitors, see what good they do and what “pulls” and get ideas.