Here are five tips to get more likes on Instagram

If what is bothering you is the few “I like” in your Instagram photos, the following guide will “untie” your hands.

Take more selfies

An analysis of 1.1 million Instagram photos revealed that those who show your face are 38% more likely to attract more likes.

Reduce the number of photos you share per day

The many photos a day significantly reduce the number of likes you receive, according to researcher Saeideh Bakhshi.

The ideal number of posts is 1-2 photos per day.

Get out

Photos from nature, with beautiful colors and impressive landscapes, have extremely positive reactions from Instagram users.

According to professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, take pictures “early in the morning or in the afternoon when the light is softer and flatters your skin more.”


The hashtag you should always use is #NoFilter.

Photos with this hashtag are 10% more likely to collect “I like it” and it doesn’t matter if you’re lying.

Correct shooting angle

Getting the right angle for a photo plays an important role in likes.

Ask friends to take pictures of you, for example at sea, finding the right angle to flatter your face and body.