How to Post Simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook?

Few used Facebook’s Story feature and now Facebook is trying to save the situation by allowing users to post their own Instagram Story on both social networks at the same time!

In 2016, Instagram, acquired by Facebook, introduced the “Stories” app, which was very similar to the Snapchat app of the same name. To many, it seemed like an act of despair at first, but people loved it. In fact, people loved it so much that Instagram gained so many active daily users in the spring of 2017 that Snapchat had all year 2016. In fact, Delmodo, a social analytics company, says Snapchat’s engagement has decreased by 50% in June compared to June last year.

Following this success, Facebook was next to introduce the Stories app to all apps – Facebook in January, WhatsApp in February and March on Facebook Messenger. However, the people showed complete indifference.

Somehow Instagram decided to test a new feature: “Double Posting”. When a user creates a Story on Instagram, some users can now notice the option to post in parallel directly on Facebook. If they choose to do so, users will see Stories appear on Facebook as Facebook Stories previously appeared, with only a small change, as the “Instagram” sign appears to mark the difference.

This option is of course still in beta and is only available to a few users, so it is not yet known if this option came to stay. But we can be sure that if this feature motivates users to use Facebook Stories more intensely, then Facebook will definitely not leave it like that. After all, this option could be a powerful way to advertise on Facebook.

What do you think? Will Double and Simultaneous Posting Help Increase Facebook Stories Numbers?