How to sell more through Instagram!

Let’s start with the basics: Right now, the social media game is being played on Instagram. Instagram has become the most popular social network, with over 700 million active users! It is an interactive communication tool and a great advertising tool for any business – whatever it is. From agricultural machinery to fashion or food! The most important thing about a marketing campaign is that Instagram users are really active. The chances of users sharing an Instagram post compared to Facebook are 58 times higher! Impressive, isn’t it?

That’s why today, I would like to share a marketing and sales tool that I discovered and can be used on Instagram. Because of my job, but let’s be honest mainly because I love Social Media so much, I’m constantly researching what’s new and looking forward to sharing my knowledge! Always! So here it is!

Tell me if you identify:

We find the right landscape or the right setting. We take a perfect photo and edit it with special tools until it looks completely professional.
We write amazing copy talking about our product or service or something that will give great value to our followers.
We want to tell them more and send them to a link.
And somewhere here comes the frustration, since we can’t go to a page or an e-shop with a link under our photo. The only link we can have is the link in our bio.

And of course, the question logically comes up: By what criteria will I choose the bio link? And if I want to add more than one link, do I have to change it every day? And if I’m talking about more than one topic in my profile, how do I choose which of the two is more profitable for my company?

Time-consuming and not at all practical. So the solution is called Linktree.

Linktree is a website that connects to our Instagram account and allows you to subscribe to multiple links on our bio. In essence, we offer our followers a pop up where they can see all our links and choose where they want to go and are more interested in our products or services.

It is very simple to install and very easy to operate. And as with almost all internet tools, there is the free version and the paid version.

If it sounds good to you … Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Subscribe to LinkTree and connect to Instagram

Registration is done with the Instagram account.

Step 2: Add the links you want to share. How;

It’s very easy to add your links to Linktree! Just click ADD NEW BUTTON / LINK … and you’ll see a new window appear under “my links”.
Click Title and add the title you want to appear.
Copy the URL you want to share and paste it into the URL below the title.
Once you’re ready, drag the button to the right to make it green.

Step 3: Change subject / color (Optional)

Linktree gives you the option to change the theme and color for your profile.

If, for example, you are talking about agricultural machinery, do not use a strong fuchsia! I don’t think your audience is ordinary. But on the other hand trial & error! You never know what changes the catalyst can be for bigger sales through Social Media.

Step 4: Copy and paste the LinkTree Link to your Instagram Bio

You have reached the end … Just copy/paste the link from the link tree to your bio on Instagram.

That’s it! Now you are ready to add as many links as you want! You know, sometimes the simplest change is able to make the biggest difference in sales! All you have to do is try it.