The best tips for the perfect Instagram account

If you are wondering how to improve the image of your Instagram profile and give it your own personal touch, then here are all the tips!

As I write this article I am sure that two types of readers have chosen to read it. You, who Instagram has become your favorite social media and it doesn’t take half an hour without checking what’s new, and you whose title aroused your curiosity to see what I can mean when I say “perfect Instagram account”.

So if you are a little more compulsive with your feed like me, and you like the well-groomed profile and the coherence of your posts, then the following tips will definitely help you!

Tip #1

Find the style of feed you like, it suits you and above all you can support! Search accounts of other users and get ideas until you create your personal photo style that you would like to post.

Tip #2

After you get ideas, take photos that follow the style you chose and using an auxiliary app, order your photos so that they match and create the contrasts you want!

Tip #3

Put filters! There are countless apps (I use VSCO) to color, contrast, give a vintage touch or make your photos black and white. Whatever you choose, make sure to keep it so that the result on your canvas looks uniform.

Tip #4

If you want a few more followers then make sure you deal often! Follow them to follow you back, make likes, don’t be ashamed! Make stories, put hashtags, reply to the comments and if you like something, comment too!

Tip #5

Avoid many selfies. Although they are the posts with the most likes, it is better to ask someone else to take you out.

Tip #6

In this case, pay attention to what is behind your figure. I guess you wouldn’t want a souvlaki restaurant “O Babis” to steal your show.

So these are some of the tips I follow to make a beautiful canvas of beautiful moments.

But remember, no matter how nice a photo came out, it will never be compared to the real moment, the one you lived just before you captured it on your cell phone or camera!