Instagram Downloader Video

Download Instagram Videos online.

How our Instagram Downloader Video works?

Instagram Downloader Video is an online tool, that provides you the ability to download videos from Instagram posts on HD quality very easily.

You can download Instagram videos and photos directly on your device (Android,iPhone,iPad,Mac or PC) very fast and absolutely free.

All you have to do is to find and copy the Instagram Image/Video URL and paste it on the input above.
EASY, Huh?

Instagram Downloader Video is a web based tool, so you don't need to install anything on your computer or mobile phone and it works without asking login credentials from you.

How to download Instagram Videos

Step 1: Copy the post's URL via your browser or Instagram mobile app.

On Instagram Mobile App:
Tap the     on iOS or     on Android and then tap the Copy Link option.

On Web Browser:
Tap the    button and then tap the Copy Link option.

Step 2: Now paste your link on the input area above.

Step 3: Hit the button.

Step 4: Download the photo or video.

Frequently asked questions

⭐ Instagram Downloader Video - What devices are compatible?

All Devices are compatible. The only thing that is required is to have an internet connection and free space on your device.
You can save the photos/videos on all devices including Android, iPhones and computers (Windows or Macs).

⭐ Instagram Downloader Video - Is it Free?

The Instagram Downloader Video is a free web based tool. We will never ask you to pay anything.
Enjoy it as we enjoy it.

⭐ Instagram Downloader Video - Are there any limits?

No. You can use the Instagram Downloader Video as you wish.
We don't limit the downloaded photos or videos at all.

⭐ Instagram Downloader Video - Is it legal to save Photos or Videos?

Yes absolutely. You can download whatever photo or video you want from social media via the Instagram Downloader Video but have in mind that you need the permission of the content's creator id you want to use his/her content for commercial usage.