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Instagram is a very powerful social media platform and includes exciting features like Ig Stories that last for 24 hours and can be viewed by people that follow each account or from any user, in case the account is public.

Once every story is expired ( after 24 hours of the time it was created ), you can never see it again unless the user sorts it as highlighted in his/her profile.
But is it possible to save the story on your computer or mobile phone and watch it whenever you want?

Yes. Absolutely. Our Website can work as a Stories Saver For Instagram and can help you download any story of any account you like, very easily.
Extra tip: And completely anonymously!!

All you need to do is to type the Instagram account username you are interested to watch on the search bar above and click the "Show" button. You can then download the stories on all your devices, desktop or mobile.

The only thing to have in mind, is, that the Instagram account you want to check, has to be PUBLIC. Only these accounts are compatible with our Stories Saver For Instagram service for now.

It is possible to save both videos and photos on full resolution and watch them as many times you like!

Additionally, our Stories Saver For Instagram service includes tools like push notifications or messenger notification to stay tuned when accounts you are interested in post new stories.


Instagram, with 500 million daily active accounts, is the most important social network for engagement. The platform is designed to show every user that he/she likes it. This kind of personalization is a key tool for businesses that want to promote their brand. In addition to the homepage, users are using Explore and Instagram Stories to keep abreast of new trends and new products. Instagram itself, aware of the power it offers in promoting brands, is constantly making improvements aimed at the continued growth of corporate accounts.
In 2017 (?), Companies were allowed to sell their products through postings on their brand profile. For this purpose, the platform enables companies to tag their photos, indicating the price of each product and some additional information. Something similar to the labels we find in physical stores!
Today, this feature is also featured on Instagram stories!
Instagram Stories immediately became the platform's most popular feature. For the past two years, they have changed the way businesses communicate with their audiences. Stories are a creative and fun medium for companies that want to make their brand more popular, attract people to their website, and now increase their online sales with a click! Now tagging stories is the next step in online shopping.